We Might Be Crazy

Churches are not started by one person, or even two.  They are started by Jesus assembling a team of individuals who are just crazy enough to take an adventure of a life-time.

It takes a level of lunacy to take on a project of this nature.  (Good lunacy. 😀 ) It’s a worthy cause!  It will cost everyone at multiple levels in ways that will be uncomfortable.  We are completely okay with this, because we know that’s when God’s at His best.

We meet on a regular basis to talk shop, pray, and dream big.  We genuinely care about the mission God has called us to in this beautiful community.

We had a dreaming session a couple of weeks ago where we took the limiters off and wondered of what could be if there were no financial, people, or time limitations.  I put those thoughts together in a “Wordle” to represent our limitless ambitions.  We do serve a limitless God.

Would you pray with us?  Would you dream with us?  Would you be part of us?


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