My Name is Luke

My name is Luke Frank and I’m so excited to be the youth pastor of New Life Republic. Being a part of a church plant began as an idea that didn’t take long to grow on me. As I sought God on the decision to join when approached, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Paul and the Apostles starting the early church. Any nerves and apprehensions of joining a church plant were squashed as I looked to scripture in Acts and saw God’s providence and guidance to those He commissioned. It was made clear through God’s Word that this was something I couldn’t pass up.

Ever since I was a teen in a youth group I’ve felt a call to work in youth ministry. A large part of my foundation in Christ can be attributed to my former youth pastor’s leadership and example of how to live and please God. There’s something special about a student having a thriving relationship with God at such a crucial time in their life and I’m more than thrilled to have an opportunity to be a part of it.

I’m looking forward to facilitating an environment where students will be able to create lifelong friendships, develop a sense of belonging and purpose, make memories they’ll never forget, all while cultivating a healthy and growing relationship with God. As youth pastor of New Life Republic, I believe it is my duty to present God’s Word to students in a way that is pure, practical, and applicable to their lives. It’s my desire that each student experiences the life transformation that only God can truly provide.

I’m honored to link together with a strong community in Republic to show God’s love both to those who know it and those that do not. #GoTigers

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