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Dead Prayer Life Part 2

We look in depth at the Lord’s Prayer to investigate core concepts that will help to revitalize our dead prayer lives.  We will see how Jesus teaches us to pray, but also find on our journey who God actually is.  Pastor Josh’s message looks into part 2 of why we struggle in our prayer lives.


Dead Prayer Life Part 1

A dead prayer life is not a time problem, a resource problem, or a knowledge problem… it a relationship problem.  It’s a symptom of a relationship with God on life support.  Pastor Josh’s message looks into part 1 of why we struggle in our prayer lives.


What is a Generous Church

Generosity in individuals is a powerful thing.  However, a generous church is unstoppable.  What ingredients make up a generous church?


Generosity is a Lifestyle

Generosity is not a string of emotionally-based responses to giving opportunities.  Generosity is a lifestyle.. a Biblical way of living that show the reality that we are not owners of the blessings God has put in our life, but merely managers.


Turn Your Worry into Worship

Mary is one of the most significant people in the history of the world.  She was given the biggest responsibility out of anybody besides Jesus.  What she does with her new responsibility is critical in her ability to take on the task.  She turns her worry into worship.


Who is King?

The Magi from the east seem to be an insignificant piece to the Christmas story.  After taking a closer look, it’s quite opposite.  Why does it take these wisemen, whom we know very little about, to provide someone to worship the King of Kings?


The Dangers of Comparison

Simon Peter made a grave error when he choose to compare himself to John.  We can learn from Peter’s mistakes in following Jesus’ instructions to focus on ourselves and not compare ourselves with others.


The Greatness on the Inside of You

Jesus has put a greatness on the inside of us, and often the world and even us ourselves do not see it.  Listen in as we investigate how God uses anyone to accomplish great things.

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